Over the last twenty-five years, Randy Hain has been developing authentic relationships with professionals all over the country and consulting with them and their organizations on how to improve the quality and quantity of their business relationships in ways which foster both personal development and increased revenue.  He is a sought after executive coach for senior leaders in some of the best-known companies in America who are looking to improve, develop new skills and grow in their organizations.  With a successful twenty year background in corporate talent and executive search, he is also a sought after onboarding expert and career development coach for senior professionals seeking candid and expert guidance on how to pursue the next phase of their career or simply their next role.  Randy is an active community servant and has earned a reputation as a creative business partner and generous thought leader through his numerous books, articles, blogs and speaking engagements.

Because of these rich experiences and a passion to offer something unique and valuable to the business community, he launched Serviam Partners.

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Candid and Expert Advice From Serviam Partners

Based in Atlanta, Serviam Partners serves clients nationwide