How do we accomplish this?

Each organization, team or business professional we encounter has strengths and challenges in the area of business relationship building.  Our approach is to help our clients understand and overcome the obstacles inhibiting their ability to acquire new viable business relationships and provide access to our substantial network as well as assist in more fully utilizing their own.  We equip our clients with a tailored branding and communications strategy to assist in this effort.

Who is a Serviam Business Relationship client?

We seek to work with an elite group of top business professionals, teams and companies with strong values who have great products and services, but require assistance with growing viable business relationships and filling their prospect pipeline.  Our clients desire targeted vs. general assistance and value our candid one-on-one coaching and consulting approach.

How does Serviam Partners work with clients?

There are three ways we can work with our clients to help them increase the quality and quantity of their viable business relationships. 

Business Relationship Coaching

Many of our clients require coaching services around business relationship building, effective communication, LinkedIn strategy or personal branding.  Fees are based on length of coaching engagement and specific requirements of client. 

Business Relationship Consulting

We work with companies to help improve the business relationship building ability of the organization and their selected leaders.  Typically, we will get involved in helping transaction-oriented sales or business development professionals learn how to grow revenue more effectively through building authentic relationships. Each consulting engagement and fee structure is customized to the specific and unique needs of the client.

Board Advisory Services

Increasingly, we are asked to serve on a company’s Board of Advisors on a retained basis. We are paid a fixed monthly fee to provide a certain number of high quality business introductions to potential clients and be accessible for consulting or coaching as needed.  Specific projects beyond the monthly referrals are priced according to the scope and length of the project.

Essential Components of Authentic Business Relationships 

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Senior Business Consultant Dramatically Increases Business Development Performance after Engaging with Serviam Access Coaching Services

Client Recommendations 

Jenny Strange, MBA, Six Sigma GreenBelt

Helped me gain a renewed desire to rebuild my external network

I had the wonderful opportunity of being coached by Randy for a few months under a partnership that Serviam has with North Highland. It was a great experience. Randy really helped me gain a renewed desire to rebuild my external network and provided some needed encouragement. He gave me some great networking tips and connected me with some other business leaders. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with him.

Jenny Strange, MBA, Six Sigma GreenBeltPrincipal at The North Highland Company

Chad Doiron, Vice President

An inspiring advisor

Randy has been an inspiring advisor to me and my colleagues at North Highland for the past several years. His passion for building deep personal relationships founded on genuine respect and care for the needs of others made him the clear choice to serve as trusted advisor and coach. From the moment you meet him, it will be clear that he is one of those remarkable people that effortlessly combines a disciplined and pragmatic approach with exceptional personal integrity to build the foundation for lasting relationships. I highly recommend Randy to anyone looking to achieve more meaningful and rewarding relationships in their personal and professional lives.

Chad Doiron, Vice PresidentThe North Highland Company

Jim Neal, Vice President

Randy is an expert in the art and science of building relationships

He’s been a great resource for me and colleagues at North Highland, providing tailored solutions from his expertise. Randy is a pleasure to work with, he’s creative and personable and highly collaborative. I have the greatest respect for his character and judgement and I’m delighted to recommend him.

Jim Neal, Vice PresidentThe North Highland Company

Lisa Bigazzi Tilt, Brand Content Strategist, President

I put a great deal of trust into our partnership…

My firm has directly benefitted from our relationship with Randy Hain and Serviam Access. The authentic, natural way he connects people makes it easy for even those who aren’t generally comfortable with making cold connections on a business level. I put a great deal of trust into our partnership because over the past seven years, I have been the recipient of excellent results from Randy’s consultation.

Lisa Bigazzi Tilt, Brand Content Strategist, PresidentFull Tilt Consulting

Andy Fleming, CEO & Founding Principal

Nobody does business relationship like Randy Hain

And nobody can help you build more and better relationships either. Serviam Access is a brilliant concept that perfectly leverages Randy Hain’s unique strengths as a trusted advisor and strategic arranger/connector of people and possibilities. Working with Randy is easy and invaluable. He’s a guide who knows the territory and will always go the extra mile for you without you having to ask. Count on him and Serviam Access for expertise, integrity, and great value. 

Andy Fleming, CEO & Founding PrincipalPrincipal at Way to Grow INC

Scott Bryant, Senior Manager

Randy takes his time to understand what is important to his clients and delivers

I worked with Randy through Serviam Access and really got to know him over the course of our six-month coaching relationship. I definitely recommend working with Randy; he takes his time to understand what is important to his clients and delivers. It is quickly apparent when working with him how carefully he considers his advice and counsel. This personal approach elevates Randy and the value he brought to me.

Scott Bryant, Senior ManagerThe North Highland Company

Larry Mohl, Founder and CEO at Jubi, Inc., Founder and President at Performance Inspired, Inc.

The bottom line is that Randy gets results

I have had the pleasure of working with Randy Hain and Serviam Access in growing both my personal and business relationships. Randy has a vast network AND has deep and trusting relationships. A combination that is extremely rare. The bottom line is that Randy gets results in a way that has high integrity and provides mutual benefit for all parties involved.

Larry Mohl, Founder and CEO at Jubi, Inc., Founder and President at Performance Inspired, Inc.

Paulette Corbin, Executive-in-Residence

Tremendous coach and guide in helping us reignite our passion for growing new relationships

Engaging individuals in authentic relationships is increasingly challenging in our high tech, fast moving lives. Randy understands the power of human connections and has been a tremendous coach and guide in helping us reignite our passion for growing new relationships. He has collaborated with our team in two ways: 1) coaching select individuals and 2) guiding us in effective ways to provide thought provoking topics to executives throughout the community; touching individuals that we have never had the pleasure of meeting or interacting with. If you are looking for a thoughtful, passionate and collaborative leader to assist your team in connecting with people in authentic and powerful ways, there is no one better than Randy Hain.

Paulette Corbin, Executive-in-ResidenceThe North Highland Company

H. Lockett Stewart, Founder and Managing Director

Unparalleled in this area of executive coaching…

I have known Randy for several years now. Randy is the consummate professional who always seeks to better those around him. When Randy launched Serviam Access, it was easy for me to recommend his services to other executives because of his experience and his passion to work with leaders looking for targeted help in the area of relationships. Simply put, Randy is unparalleled in this area of executive coaching and would benefit anyone utilizing his services. His experience, candor, and personal values place him in a small group of people who can say that there’s no one better at their work.

H. Lockett Stewart, Founder and Managing Director Gratia Resources

Terry Barber, Executive Chairman

Is there any doubt that we now live in a relationship economy?

Is there any doubt that we now live in a relationship economy? No matter what your aspirations may be in business, the way to get quantum leap advantage over your competitors is with the right relationships. It is really not about how many people you may know but rather do you know the right people and more importantly, do you know how to nurture and leverage those relationships? This is just one of the incredibly valuable ways Randy Hain and his creative service offerings through Serviam can help. How do I know? So much of our success at Performance Inspired and Jubi is directly attributable to the counsel, coaching, and relationships that came from Randy through Serviam.

Terry Barber, Executive ChairmanJubi, Inc.