How do we accomplish this?

Our team has decades of experience in recruiting, executive search, human resources and operational leadership roles. We have interviewed thousands of candidates and worked with hundreds of companies. Based on these experiences as well as the principles and successful strategies laid out in the popular book LANDED! Proven Job Search Strategies for Today’s Professional by founder Randy Hain, our team invests quality time in each coaching client to learn about who they are, what they are seeking and what might be preventing them from attaining their career and job search goals. We then develop a “road map” for achieving goals which is uniquely suited to the needs of each client.

What distinguishes Serviam Career Coaching from other career coaches or outplacement firms?

There are five significant areas of differentiation for Serviam Coaching

We excel at listening

Asking informed questions and customizing solutions for our clients. We never provide an “off the shelf” career solution.

We are always candid

About ways to improve and know how to share our direct and sometimes challenging feedback in a professional manner. 

We provide active introductions

For coaching clients into our large national network of senior business leaders.

Job search experience

We have many years of experience in interviewing candidates and working with hiring companies. This has helped us develop a “best practices” approach to career development and job search strategy which is rooted in the most effective approaches being used by others.

Guides for a more meaningful life

We excel at guiding our clients through what we describe as the “pursuit of a more meaningful life.” Many of our coaching clients have experienced significant career success, but reach a point in their lives where they seek to spend more time with family, make a difference in the community, change professions to pursue work they love or possibly other noble goals. Based on the practical guidance found in the book, Something More: The Professionals Pursuit of a Meaningful Life by founder Randy Hain, we always look forward to helping our clients map out the next exciting chapter in their lives. 

Who is a Serviam Career Coaching client?

We are often engaged by individual business leaders for advanced career development or executive coaching to help them attain the next step in their careers. We are engaged by senior leaders in career transition who need our customized job search expertise and extensive network to land a new position. Finally, we are increasingly being hired by companies seeking an affordable, customized and advanced outplacement solution for senior leaders affected by downsizing or corporate reorganization. Regardless of how we are approached, we always adapt our expertise to the specific needs of the individual and work diligently to help them attain their goals.

How does Serviam Partners work with clients?

As stated above, we work with business leaders seeking advanced career development and often a more “meaningful life.” We also work with leaders in career transition. Companies can engage our services in providing LinkedIn strategy workshops and boutique outplacement. All of our engagements involve a specified number of monthly in-person meetings for Atlanta based clients and phone/email access to our team.

Case Studies

Client Recommendations 
James Yeagle, Sales Leader / National Sales Director / Angel Investor

A calm and thoughtful voice

I have had the pleasure of working with Randy at Serviam Partners. He has provided extensive consulting in the areas of business leadership, personal development and overall life coaching. He has provided a calm and thoughtful voice in the midst of constant change.

James Yeagle, Sales Leader / National Sales Director / Angel Investor
Kelle Barfield, Vice President, Account General Management

Invaluable resource for senior level professionals contemplating or engaged in career transition

Randy’s extensive professional network and experience in creating meaningful business relationships make him an invaluable resource for senior level professionals contemplating or engaged in career transition. Randy brings a high-energy, integrity-based, no-nonsense approach to his work – creating terrific value for his clients and business associates. He was a terrific resource for me as I contemplated my career aspirations and helped me build solid plans for achieving my goals well into the future.

Kelle Barfield, Vice President, Account General ManagementBenefitfocus
Amelia Fox, Chief Operating Officer

They offered me deep, strategic advice related to the overall plan for human resources during this difficult time…

Serviam Coaching, a division of Serviam Partners, provided us with boutique outplacement services during the wind down of our company. Randy’s strategic leadership through this project was outstanding. The consulting work benefited more than 70% of the company – with exactly the results we wanted to see…in the end many people entertained multiple job offers that led them to positions which were fulfilling and rewarding for them individually. Randy and his team were available, responsive, caring and thoughtful throughout the work. Additionally, they offered me deep, strategic advice related to the overall plan for human resources during this difficult time. Admittedly, I hope that I don’t have many needs for outplacement services in the future – but I absolutely look forward to engaging Serviam Partners and their service offerings to help with overall development of future teams. And, should I need outplacement services, well – I wouldn’t hesitate to bring Serviam Coaching on board!

Amelia Fox, Chief Operating OfficerinBloom
Gregg Tobin, Finance, Operations & Strategy Executive

Priceless and transformational advice

Randy is one of those few exceptional individuals you come across too rarely in your life. On top of being a very astute and successful business leader, he is a wonderful person who deeply cares about his business partners and those who cross his path. His unique combination of deep passion for what he does and deeply anchored personal values that drive his behavior make him such a wonderful person to know. Every minute spent with Randy is a unique occasion to learn something new and put things in perspective. His advice is priceless and transformational. It is a real honor to know Randy and I am looking forward to our paths crossing again and again. 

Gregg Tobin, Finance, Operations & Strategy Executive
Dr. Kym A. Harris - President, Talent Development Leader, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker & Published Author

I jumped at the opportunity to become one of his first clients and I have grown from the partnership…

I have known Randy for about eight years. My very first conversation with him involved a polite invasion into my corporate persona and his observations of the behaviors that were limiting my effectiveness. I have been initiating conversations with him ever since. When Randy launched Serviam Partners I jumped at the opportunity to become one of his first clients and I have grown from the partnership. Randy’s coaching style is open, insightful, and generous. As a result of my coaching relationship with Randy, I am able to clearly communicate the services of my business, leverage LinkedIn to highlight business accomplishments, and I’ve meet influential leaders willing to facilitate introductions within their networks. Randy willingly shares his own best practices and ideas for broadening and accelerating visibility and exposure. I highly recommend the services of Serviam Partners.

Dr. Kym A. Harris - President, Talent Development Leader, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker & Published AuthorYour SweetSpot Coaching | Consulting
John Fuller, Principal

Unique mix of professional experience and personal guidance

It’s been a real pleasure working with Randy and Serviam Coaching to strengthen my personal and professional network. Randy is highly effective because of his unique mix of professional experience and personal guidance. Not only does Randy draw on his extensive background as an executive recruiter but he also takes time to understand who you are as a person and what your goals and challenges are. I’m looking forward to continue working with him in the years to come. 

John Fuller, PrincipalThe Boston Consulting Group
Jason Aldrich, Executive Director, Career Management Center

Thought leader

Randy is a thought leader who understands deeply how organizations and individuals interface in the areas of executive search, career advancement and leadership development. Randy is an authentic person, with a commitment to the highest standards of integrity, who genuinely wants to help others through his writing, presenting and coaching. I highly recommend Randy to any organization or individual who is seeking to accelerate their development. 

Jason Aldrich, Executive Director, Career Management CenterRobinson College of Business, Georgia State University
Randy Patterson, Chief Human Resources Officer

A leader that inspires us all to give back to the world…

Randy has been an absolute joy to get to work with. He goes out of his way to help people and to connect them with the resources, knowledge, or tools they need to succeed or grow in their lives or their professional careers. Randy has also graciously shared his time with professionals, students, and the community that are in need of his outstanding subject matter expertise by helping them with career searches during this challenging economy. Lastly, Randy’s unselfish efforts to share the knowledge he has acquired throughout his career through regularly published articles truly makes him a leader that inspires us all to give back to the world that has given us so much. Randy, you are a class act.

Randy Patterson, Chief Human Resources OfficerBlueLinx