The Challenge

Our client was keenly aware of his skills and limitations. As a successful business owner, he had made many excellent decisions, but also some poor ones relating to building his team and growing his client base. He sought out the candid coaching offering of Serviam Career and Randy Hain to serve as a “personal and business advisor” and help him stay on the right track.

The Solution

The key to starting a successful relationship was establishing measurable goals and clear communications. The client appreciated the challenging questions asked by Serviam Career to determine what obstacles were in the way of achieving the next level of growth for himself and the company. A clear plan was developed to hold the client accountable, but the essence of the successful relationship was the ongoing candid dialogue. Serviam Career became the candor coach the client so desperately needed as he made the big decisions and changes necessary to grow.

The Results

The client executed a formal partnership with an East Coast based company to increase his reach and adequately serve clients. The limiting factors affecting his ability to build a successful team were addressed and eliminated and he learned a more effective way to build authentic business relationships under the coaching of Serviam Career.

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Business Owner sought executive coaching to help him grow his business to next level

Key Objective:
Candidly identify obstacles personally and professionally which were limiting growth and remove them

Service Offering:
Serviam Career

Candid and Expert Advice From Serviam Partners

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