The Challenge

The client was seeking help in growing their brand and influence through deeper business relationships in the marketplace in order to increase revenue. They found an increase in technology was reducing their ability to cultivate strong new prospects. Additionally, shifting market conditions and aggressive competitors were becoming obstacles to reach key decision makers. These external factors were impacting the internal culture and minor complacency was observed within the client team.

The Solution

Randy Hain worked with the client for 1 year in various capacities. He coached select executives to help them understand the power of personal connections and how to leverage these relationships to grow the organization. He created a responsive LinkedIn strategy, with specially designed programs to effectively introduce the client team to new business leaders. Randy also developed a strategy to convert targeted research into target companies. He found key decision makers in these companies through the Serviam Access network who were interested on the client’s offering.

The Results

The client found a dramatic increase in exposure to new prospects with a significant rise in senior executive connections through consulting and coaching efforts. These relationships brought new companies into the client’s orbit, which increased revenue.

The Value

The client found the services provided by Serviam Access in 1 year to be a valuable long-term investment in the organization. The shift in the prospecting approach resulted in more authentic relationships, increased brand awareness while maintaining a stellar reputation, and reignited the client team as they experienced the financial benefits from cultivating more engaging business connections.

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