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Randy Hain of Serviam Partners was engaged in 2015 as the executive coach for a senior executive of a global technology/media company who was being developed as the next CEO.  He is bright, talented and well respected in the organization, but has challenges with ambiguous communication with his team and peers.  He has a reputation for telling everyone what they want to hear.  He also needed to develop his executive presence and communication, especially with the board of directors.  We utilized 360 interviews/feedback from numerous team members, peers and the CEO to help him understand the specific issues and developed a clearer and less ambiguous communication approach that will be clearly understood.  We also developed a plan for addressing how others viewed him within the organization and repaired the necessary damage.  The Birkman Assessment was also an invaluable tool in this coaching engagement.

Based on this very successful engagement, Serviam Partners has been invited to take on additional executive clients and other leadership development work with this client.

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