The Challenge

As with many talented management consultants, this coaching client was a talented subject matter expert who sometimes struggled to build authentic business relationships. He was expected to land new business, but found selling to be a difficult challenge. He also had challenges building professional relationships around anything other than shared work interests and needed our coaching to learn a more integrated and authentic approach which included a little more of his personal life and interests.

The Solution

Serviam Access worked with the consultant for six months in focused one-on-one coaching sessions. The purpose of the meetings was to help the client develop a more integrated approach to building business relationships which was authentic and unique to his style. These richer relationships allowed our client to have a deeper conversation with both his old clients and new prospects. We also taught advanced LinkedIn strategy to our client and helped him adopt our “affinity based connecting” approach to identify prospects in LinkedIn with whom he shared common background and personal interests.

The Results

Our coaching client is now routinely recognized by his company for attaining his revenue goals and the large number of new prospects he is meeting. Someone who was once viewed as “full of potential” is now realizing that potential and is attracting very favorable attention from his company’s leadership team.

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