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Serviam Partners was hired by the CAO and CEO of this organization to coach the two senior leaders of the IT organization who were both vying for the open CIO role.  One coaching client is very bright, has an excellent strategy and a proven track record of innovation and new product development.  He struggles with communication and understanding the impact of his decisions (and the communication of these decisions) on his team.  The other coaching client was the interim CIO and more of an operations leader with a broad understanding of technology.  He is well-liked and respected by the team, but by his own admission is not the best candidate for CIO.  Randy Hain of Serviam Partners worked with both candidates individually for four months in helping them with their professional development and challenges identified through the 360 interview process and the Birkman Assessment.  The first coaching client ultimately improved enough in his communication during our work together that he was recently promoted to CIO.  Both clients are excelling and working together well.

The feedback from the CAO and CEO on this coaching project was excellent and led to significant leadership development projects for the CEO and his executive team.

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