We view executive coaching as a gift to the recipient and a wonderful opportunity to facilitate professional/personal growth as well as engage in deeper learning.

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Relevant Experience

Randy Hain is the founder of Serviam Partners, an award-winning author and an active servant in the community. With a successful 25-year career in senior leadership roles, corporate talent and executive search, he is a sought after executive coach for senior leaders at some of the best known companies in the U.S. who are seeking candid and expert guidance on how to overcome obstacles to their success or develop new leadership skills. He is also an expert at onboarding and cultural assimilation for senior leaders as well as helping senior leadership teams improve trust, collaboration and candid communication. Randy also offers consulting/coaching for companies, teams and individual business leaders looking to develop more authentic and effective business relationships both inside and outside their organizations. His deep expertise in business relationships is a true area of differentiation for him and Serviam Partners.

Who Needs An Executive Coach?

Almost every senior leader we know has had formal or informal coaching at some point in their career. At Serviam Partners, we view executive coaching as a gift to the recipient and a wonderful opportunity to facilitate professional/personal growth as well as engage in deeper learning. The executive coaching road map offered by Serviam Partners is helpful to leaders at every stage of their journey and is rooted in clear data derived from helpful assessments, a thorough 360-interview process, increased self-awareness and ongoing candid conversations to proactively eliminate the obstacles impeding the success of our clients. Companies trust Serviam Partners to provide this highly customized road map approach to engage with their senior leaders for both the benefit of the leader and the organization.

The Serviam Partners Approach to Executive Coaching

Active Listening and Trust Building

We excel at getting to know our client and building trust at the onset of the coaching relationship. We practice active listening and encourage complete transparency from the beginning.

Define Winning

We want to understand what “winning” looks like for our clients. Knowing and mutually agreeing on the end goals is critical to a successful coaching relationship.

Identify Obstacles

What is impeding our client from being more successful and achieving their goals? We gather perspectives and feedback from supervisors, peers and direct reports through the 360-interview process, attending our client’s team meetings and use of the Birkman Assessment.

Develop the Strategy & Action Plan

Taking all of the gathered feedback and ongoing input from the client, we develop a mutually agreed upon strategy to eliminate the identified obstacles and start practicing new behaviors. The strategy will be clear with specific action steps, expected time frames for implementation and clear accountability.


Action plans by themselves are not enough. Serviam Partners provides the on-going support, counsel, and encouragement necessary to ensure these changes take hold and lead the client to the success/goals they are seeking to attain. Our expectation is that the client will attain the desired level of performance and success, pulling their team and hopefully the organization in a positive direction as well.

Case Studies

Client Recommendations

Dan King, Chief Administrative Officer

Very impressive!

I recently observed first hand two outstanding examples of Randy Hain’s executive coaching skills. Randy worked with two executives in my business with exceptional outcomes. Randy, through his candor, honesty and proven technique, literally changed the professional lives of these executives. I have engaged a number of executive coaches over the years and have never seen the magnitude of change in the individual as I have in the situations where Randy applied his coaching technique. Very impressive!

Dan King, Chief Administrative Officer


Charlie Brown, Chief Financial Officer

A valuable resource in helping me grow my leadership skills

Randy has been a valuable resource in helping me grow my leadership skills. I have found his rapid assessment of situations, ability to divine opportunities and approachable demeanor to be unique. As a result, Randy’s coaching is well directed and easy to follow. I count Randy as both a mentor and a friend.

Charlie Brown, Chief Financial Officer

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Matthew S. Harrison, Ph.D.,Vice President of Talent Management | Adjunct Professor of Psychology

An exceptional human being

To say that Randy Hain is one of the most effective executive coaches I’ve encountered in my career would be an understatement. Simply put — Randy is an exceptional human being! The reason he is so skillful in all of the areas of human capital that he touches is not only because he truly has a deep passion and understanding of the field, but because he understands how to help others find their passion, which leads them into roles where they most naturally fit and ultimately excel. I have learned a tremendous amount from Randy and would highly recommend him and his services in a heartbeat!

Matthew S. Harrison, Ph.D.,Vice President of Talent Management | Adjunct Professor of Psychology

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Jill Banister, Sr. Director, Human Resources

Uncanny ability to connect people and connect to people

Randy Hain is one of those individuals who has this uncanny ability to connect people and connect to people. His passion for helping is inherent in everything he does. Whether it is a coaching engagement with a senior leader, a coffee meeting with a colleague or with his charity work, Randy builds authentic relationships and is genuinely interested in making a positive impact on the lives of many. Over the last year and a half, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Randy and work with Serviam Partners through a number of career coaching engagements with my current organization. With each engagement, he builds a stronger following in part due to his thoughtful approach to coaching and in part due to his personal investment in the success of each client.

Jill Banister, Sr. Director, Human Resources


Scott Bryant, Senior Manager

Personal approach elevates value

I worked with Randy through Serviam Access and really got to know him over the course of our six-month coaching relationship. I definitely recommend working with Randy; he takes his time to understand what is important to his clients and delivers. It is quickly apparent when working with him how carefully he considers his advice and counsel. This personal approach elevates Randy and the value he brought to me.

Scott Bryant, Senior Manager

The North Highland Company

Deirdra Glover, CEO

A thoughtful and engaging leader

Randy is a thoughtful and engaging leader who is committed to helping clients, partners, and individuals be successful and reach their full potential. Randy’s deep commitment to true connection, encouragement, and challenge were a great asset in our work together and it has been a pleasure to get to know him.

Deirdra Glover, CEO


Iwan Streichenberger, CEO

Priceless and transformational advice

Randy is one of those few exceptional individuals you come across too rarely in your life. On top of being a very astute and successful business leader, he is a wonderful person who deeply cares about his business partners and those who cross his path. His unique combination of deep passion for what he does and deeply anchored personal values that drive his behavior make him such a wonderful person to know. Every minute spent with Randy is a unique occasion to learn something new and put things in perspective. His advice is priceless and transformational. It is a real honor to know Randy and I am looking forward to our paths crossing again and again.

Iwan Streichenberger, CEO


Rob Reader, Senior Principal

Thought-provoking and insightful

I have had the honor of getting to know Randy this year. He has tremendous character, integrity and work ethic. Our conversations are inevitably thought-provoking and insightful, and he has made me better as a professional. Randy is a true leader and developer of people, and I give him my highest recommendation.

Rob Reader, Senior Principal

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