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We perform coaching and consulting work for companies, teams and individual senior business leaders.

Over the last twenty-five years, Randy Hain has been developing authentic relationships with professionals all over the country and consulting with them and their organizations on how to improve the quality and quantity of their business relationships in ways which foster both personal development and increased revenue.  He is a sought after executive coach for senior leaders in some of the best-known companies in America who are looking to improve, develop new skills and grow in their organizations.  With a successful background in senior operations leadership, corporate talent and executive search, he is also a sought after onboarding expert and career development coach for senior professionals seeking candid and expert guidance on how to pursue the next phase of their career or simply their next role.  Randy is an active community servant and has earned a reputation as a creative business partner and generous thought leader through his numerous books, articles, blogs and speaking engagements.

Because of these rich experiences and a passion to offer something unique and valuable to the business community, he launched Serviam Partners.


Who We Work With

Serviam Partners works with companies, teams within companies, non-profit organizations and individual business leaders.

Our Approach

Serviam Partners blends deep experience, refreshing candor and strong values in our consulting/coaching offering.

Our Commitment

Serviam Partners is committed to making a significant and positive difference for our clients, their organizations and the larger community.


Our Values

When it comes to sharing our company values, we ask you to evaluate and measure us on our actions, our words and the impact we are making with our clients and in service to the greater community.


We believe in the power of authenticity, especially when it comes to building business relationships.


We believe in absolute candor. We tell our clients what we really think, in a professional and helpful manner.


We strive to keep things simple, clear and practical in the work we do for our clients.


We are committed to doing the right thing, regardless if it is popular or profitable for our firm.


We believe in being good stewards of the gifts and opportunities we have been given and sharing these with our clients and those less fortunate than us.


Our Team

Serviam Partners offers decades of experience in leadership, executive coaching, recruiting, management consulting, talent management, branding, marketing, thought leadership and community involvement through the members of our team.  All of the great professionals who work with Serviam Partners share common values and a passion for authenticity, candor and doing excellent work for our clients.


Founder’s Bio

Randy Hain is a coach, business leader, consultant, community servant, author and sought‐after speaker, fluent in such diverse topics as workplace culture, candor, authenticity, servant leadership, growing business relationships and career strategy.

Randy Hain is the founder and president of Serviam Partners, which he launched in 2013. With a successful 25-year career in senior leadership roles, corporate talent and executive recruiting, he is a sought after executive coach for senior leaders at some of the best-known companies in the U.S. who are seeking candid and expert guidance on how to overcome obstacles to their success or develop new leadership skills. He is also an expert at onboarding and cultural assimilation for senior leaders as well as helping senior leadership teams improve trust, collaboration and candid communication. Serviam Partners also offers consulting/coaching for companies, teams and individual business leaders looking to develop more authentic and effective business relationships both inside and outside their organizations. Randy Hain’s deep expertise in business relationships is a true area of differentiation for him and Serviam Partners.

Randy is the award-winning author of seven books, including Something More: The Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life and LANDED! Proven Job Search Strategies for Today’s Professional. His latest book is Special Children, Blessed Fathers: Encouragement for Fathers of Children with Special Needs. All of Randy’s books are available on Amazon.

He is a longtime board member of Growing Leaders, an international non-profit focused on developing leadership and character in young people and a past member of the Board of Trustees for the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership.  He is also a past board member of the National Catholic Partnership on Disability and is passionate about promoting autism awareness.  Randy is a 1989 graduate of the University of Georgia. He has been married for over 20 years and has two sons.


Our Service Offerings

Executive Coaching

We offer candid and expert executive coaching to business leaders on how to identify and overcome obstacles to their success. Our clients experience meaningful professional/personal growth and engage in helpful deeper learning through our proven approach.

Executive Coaching

Onboarding Coaching

We have long observed how critical the first few months on the job are to a new leader’s success. We have significant experience in onboarding and cultural assimilation for business leaders and offer a proven best practices road map approach for leaders that is practical and effective.

Onboading Coaching

Career Coaching

Serviam Career Coaching provides advanced career development and innovative job search strategy coaching for individual business leaders seeking new roles.

Career Coaching

Business Relationships

Serviam Partners helps increase revenue and dramatically improve the quality and quantity of viable networks though the consulting and coaching services we offer companies and senior leaders. We are experts in the art and science of developing authentic business relationships.

Business Relationships

Leadership Team Development

We offer tailored approaches for senior leadership teams to improve their effectiveness, trust, communication and collaboration through candid and interactive team workshops or shorter facilitated team meetings with a more narrow topic focus.


Case Studies

Our work is a direct reflection of who we are.

Business Owner Sought an Executive Coach to Guide Him as He Grows Company
Senior Executive with Struggling Global Organization Seeks to Find New Industry When His Company Downsizes
Senior Business Consultant Dramatically Increases Business Development Performance after Engaging with Serviam Access Coaching Services

Selected Serviam Partners Clients


Client Recommendations

Andrea Darweesh, CHRO

Randy is amazing

He told me once that his primary goal in life is to serve others – and there is no greater evidence of this than the interactions he’s had with our leaders since 2014. He is direct, honest and open…and he is constantly inspiring and motivating others to be their best selves. Randy has done tremendous work for us – and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him over and over again. 

Andrea Darweesh, CHRO

The Weather Channel

Greg Bradley, Vice President

One of the most genuine leaders I have ever encountered

Randy and I worked together through executive coaching. He is one of the most genuine leaders I have ever encountered. He’s an expert in building authentic relationships based on candor and transparency. He not only earned my trust and respect, but also my friendship. I recommend Randy and Serviam Partners to anyone seeking a trusted advisor.  

Greg Bradley, Vice President

North Highland

Jenny Strange, MBA, Six Sigma GreenBelt

Helped me gain a renewed desire to rebuild my external network

I had the wonderful opportunity of being coached by Randy for a few months under a partnership that Serviam has with North Highland. It was a great experience. Randy really helped me gain a renewed desire to rebuild my external network and provided some needed encouragement. He gave me some great networking tips and connected me with some other business leaders. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with him. 

Jenny Strange, MBA, Six Sigma GreenBelt

Principal at North Highland

Kia Painter, Vice President-Human Resources

Randy’s approach centers on developing the “whole” leader

Randy is a remarkable coach, leader, and career partner. He has been instrumental in supporting my career through this latest transition to expanded responsibility and position scope. Randy’s approach centers on developing the “whole” leader. He helps you move through the noise and fray of trying to learn your new culture, your role, and obtaining quick successes… all while ensuring you are taking care of yourself and the things that matter to you outside of the office. Working with Randy has been one of the most impactful development opportunities of my professional career. The level of insight and introspection that he helps you tap into is nothing short of exceptional. 

Kia Painter, Vice President-Human Resources

Cox Communications

Jason Aldrich, Executive Director, Career Management Center

Thought leader

Randy is a thought leader who understands deeply how organizations and individuals interface in the areas of executive search, career advancement and leadership development. Randy is an authentic person, with a commitment to the highest standards of integrity, who genuinely wants to help others through his writing, presenting and coaching. I highly recommend Randy to any organization or individual who is seeking to accelerate their development. 

Jason Aldrich, Executive Director, Career Management Center

Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

Jill Banister, VP Human Resources

Uncanny ability to connect people and connect to people

Randy Hain is one of those individuals who has this uncanny ability to connect people and connect to people. His passion for helping is inherent in everything he does. Whether it is a coaching engagement with a senior leader, a coffee meeting with a colleague or with his charity work, Randy builds authentic relationships and is genuinely interested in making a positive impact on the lives of many. Over the last year and a half, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Randy and work with Serviam Partners through a number of career coaching engagements with my current organization. With each engagement, he builds a stronger following in part due to his thoughtful approach to coaching and in part due to his personal investment in the success of each client. 

Jill Banister, VP Human Resources


Jim Neal, Vice President

Randy is an expert in the art and science of building relationships

He’s been a great resource for me and colleagues at North Highland, providing tailored solutions from his expertise. Randy is a pleasure to work with, he’s creative and personable and highly collaborative. I have the greatest respect for his character and judgement and I’m delighted to recommend him.

Jim Neal, Vice President

North Highland

Lisa Bigazzi Tilt, Brand Content Strategist, President

I put a great deal of trust into our partnership…

My firm has directly benefitted from our relationship with Randy Hain and Serviam Access. The authentic, natural way he connects people makes it easy for even those who aren’t generally comfortable with making cold connections on a business level. I put a great deal of trust into our partnership because over the past seven years, I have been the recipient of excellent results from Randy’s consultation.

Lisa Bigazzi Tilt, Brand Content Strategist, President

Full Tilt Consulting

Gordon Hwang, Vice President

Randy is a genuine, caring and well-respected leader

I have worked with Randy over the past three months where he has served as a leadership coach to me. He is a genuine, caring and well-respected leader whom I have placed my trust in to advise me as I seek to grow in my abilities to lead others and build great relationships. Randy espouses a deep value of authenticity and it is clear to all who encounter him that he practices what he teaches. I highly recommend Randy and Serviam Partners to anyone seeking a trusted advisor to help grow their competency in building authentic relationships.

Gordon Hwang, Vice President

North Highland

Amelia Fox, Chief Operating Officer

They offered me deep, strategic advice related to the overall plan for human resources during this difficult time…

Serviam Career, a division of Serviam Partners, provided us with boutique outplacement services during the wind down of our company. Randy’s strategic leadership through this project was outstanding. The consulting work benefited more than 70% of the company – with exactly the results we wanted to see…in the end many people entertained multiple job offers that led them to positions which were fulfilling and rewarding for them individually. Randy and his team were available, responsive, caring and thoughtful throughout the work. Additionally, they offered me deep, strategic advice related to the overall plan for human resources during this difficult time. Admittedly, I hope that I don’t have many needs for outplacement services in the future – but I absolutely look forward to engaging Serviam Partners and their service offerings to help with overall development of future teams. And, should I need outplacement services, well – I wouldn’t hesitate to bring Serviam Career on board!

Amelia Fox, Chief Operating Officer


Paulette Corbin, Executive-in-Residence

Tremendous coach and guide in helping us reignite our passion for growing new relationships

Engaging individuals in authentic relationships is increasingly challenging in our high tech, fast moving lives. Randy understands the power of human connections and has been a tremendous coach and guide in helping us reignite our passion for growing new relationships. He has collaborated with our team in two ways: 1) coaching select individuals and 2) guiding us in effective ways to provide thought provoking topics to executives throughout the community; touching individuals that we have never had the pleasure of meeting or interacting with. If you are looking for a thoughtful, passionate and collaborative leader to assist your team in connecting with people in authentic and powerful ways, there is no one better than Randy Hain.

Paulette Corbin, Executive-in-Residence

North Highland

Chester Elton

I love working with Randy and you will too

He is smart, engaging and always finds a way to make sure that whatever the project, everyone wins.

I have worked with Randy on three different projects and each one was better than the last. He is so well connected and well respected that he can bring together the right people at the right times to make anything a success.

On a personal note, Randy is dedicated to several charities and makes a positive impact on his community, his company and his faith.

I love working with Randy and you will too. I give Randy the highest of recommendations and after working with him you will too! 

Chester Elton

Author of 'What Motivates Me' & 'All In,' NY Times Best-Seller

Holly Moore, Vice President

Invaluable insights and advice

Randy has come alongside the non-profit I help to lead and provide invaluable insights and advice. He has been generous with his time and expertise to help us advance our mission to invest in the next generation. It only takes a short amount of time being around Randy to realize that his intellect is high, but is heart to positively impact everyone around him is even higher. I am honored to call him a friend and colleague.

Holly Moore, Vice President

Growing Leaders

Charlie Brown, Chief Financial Officer

Randy's coaching is well directed and easy to follow

Randy has been a valuable resource in helping me grow my leadership skills. I have found his rapid assessment of situations, ability to divine opportunities and approachable demeanor to be unique. As a result, Randy’s coaching is well directed and easy to follow. I count Randy as both a mentor and a friend. 

Charlie Brown, Chief Financial Officer

Oldcastle Materials

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