We perform executive coaching and leadership consulting work for companies, teams and individual senior business leaders.

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Serviam Partners views executive coaching as a gift to the recipient and a wonderful opportunity to facilitate professional/personal growth as well as engage in deeper learning. The executive coaching approach offered by Serviam Partners is helpful to senior leaders and high-potential leaders at every stage of their journey and is rooted in clear actionable data derived from helpful assessments, a thorough 360-interview process, increased self-awareness and ongoing candid conversations to proactively eliminate the obstacles impeding the success of our clients.
You have performed well and received a well-earned promotion to a more senior position in your company. Maybe you were recruited from outside the organization into a leadership role. Once the excitement wears off, the serious work of getting off to a good start in your new job will require your full attention. Are you prepared?
Leadership teams can sometimes get stuck or lose their way. Some teams are dysfunctional and need expert help to address their issues and get back on track. Serviam Partners offers tailored approaches for senior leadership teams to improve their effectiveness, trust, communication, collaboration and overall functionality. We achieve this through Gap interviews, candid facilitation, increased self-awareness and interactive team workshops around customized content to help the team achieve its objectives. Serviam Partners also offers expert 1:1 leadership coaching as an option to complement and enhance team engagements.
Speaking topics include:
  • Best Practices for Building Authentic
  • Business Relationships
  • Practical Clarity
  • The Importance of Professional Credibility
  • Onboarding for Leaders
  • Thriving in the “Relationship Economy”
  • Building a Culture of Candor
  • Curiosity to Drive Better Engagement
  • Simplicity
  • The Need for a Moral Compass
  • Prioritization and Best Practices for Managing Time
  • The Role of Authenticity at Work
  • How to Pursue a Meaningful Life
  • Best Practices for Empowering Others

“I have long shared with coaching clients that my main goal is to help them clearly visualize what professional and personal success looks like and then help them identify and remove obstacles to achieving that success. This clear and focused approach, aided by respectful candor, greatly contributes to an excellent coaching experience.”

Randy Hain President
Serviam Partners

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Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation

A practical collection of helpful insights and actionable ideas to equip leaders and aspiring leaders to thrive in all areas of their lives.

Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation, Randy Hain’s eighth book, offers today’s leaders and aspiring leaders a practical collection of helpful advice and actionable ideas drawn from his thirty-plus years of senior leadership, coaching, and consulting experience to successfully navigate all areas of their lives.

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"Working with Randy has been one of the most impactful development opportunities of my professional career."
Kia Painter
EVP and Chief People Officer at Cox Communications
"Randy is an outstanding professional coach who performs his role with honesty of purpose, high integrity, and a sincere desire to see his clients succeed."
Juan Perez
CIO for Salesforce and former CIO for UPS
"…between the executive coaching as well as the team leadership development, we are now working at a level that will allow us to take our business and teams to new heights."
Brett Stefansson
EVP and General Manager for the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena

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Randy Hain, President of Serviam Partners, shares his practical wisdom on overcoming obstacles to success and mastering business relationships.

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