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Upon Reflection

Helpful insights and timeless lessons for the busy professional.

Randy Hain’s ninth book offers timeless lessons and practical ideas on a myriad of topics drawn from his 30+ years of senior leadership, executive coaching, and consulting experience to help fuel the career success and personal growth of busy professionals from every generation. 

Written through the author’s own practice of intentional reflection, Upon Reflection is a thoughtful book that will benefit everyone. Experienced professionals will gain helpful new perspectives and be reminded of what they hopefully know and believe but sometimes forget to practice. Younger professionals discover valuable insights into the timeless values, virtues, and best practices that make for a richer life and a successful career. All readers will find great value in the various relevant topics and encouragement the book offers to slow down, savor the moments, and be more reflective.

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Being Fully Present

Each Story is Derived from Encounters, Situations, and Memories in an Ordinary Life, but this Collection of Stories is Nothing Short of Extraordinary.

Being Fully Present: True Stories of Epiphanies and Powerful Lessons from Everyday Life, Randy Hain’s tenth book, contains true and personal stories drawn from his life as a husband, father, person of faith, and business leader. The book will inspire and challenge readers to more thoughtfully examine how they see the world, engage differently with the people they encounter, and seek to learn helpful lessons from situations and challenges they face in daily life.

Being Fully Present is an eclectic collection of thought-provoking stories. They illustrate the importance of eliminating distractions, listening actively, developing self-awareness, and being open to the lessons gleaned from every meeting and situation. Readers will also gain valuable insight through the stories of how to better serve and help others by being more fully present. Through Hain’s authentic style, decades of intentional practice, and hard-fought wisdom, readers will understand the critical importance of journaling, frequent reflection, and cultivating a mindset of continuously “mining for gold” from current life and favorite memories.

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Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation

A practical collection of helpful insights and actionable ideas to equip leaders and aspiring leaders to thrive in all areas of their lives.

Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation, Randy Hain’s eighth book, offers today’s leaders and aspiring leaders a practical collection of helpful advice and actionable ideas drawn from his thirty-plus years of senior leadership, coaching, and consulting experience to successfully navigate all areas of their lives.

Essential Wisdom is a must-have guidebook filled with insights, ideas, and best practices that all professionals should think about and do well in order to be more effective in their roles. Leaders and aspiring leaders of every age and any stage of their career journey will find practical nuggets of wisdom they can use to accelerate their success.

Recommendations for Essential Wisdom

Special Children, Blessed Fathers

Encouragement for fathers of children with special needs

This book is a treasure-trove of heart-warming stories, practical help, and inspiration for fathers of children with special needs. Author Randy Hain and all of the contributors open their hearts to the reader and share the incredible challenges they confront as fathers of children with special needs. They also unveil the unexpected blessings that come from fathering these special children. These heartfelt stories from fathers give both insight and tremendous inspirational encouragement for other fathers. Special Children, Blessed Fathers will open your eyes to the deeper beauty often missed in the world. Includes a foreword by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Contributing writers are Joseph Pearce, Greg Willits, Kevin Lowry, Doug Keck, Matthew Warner, J.D. Flynn, Chad Judice, David Rizzo, and Bill Jones. ALL AUTHOR BOOK ROYALTIES ARE DONATED TO The National Catholic Partnership on Disability

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