Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation

A practical collection of helpful insights and actionable ideas to equip leaders and aspiring leaders to thrive in all areas of their lives

Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation, Randy Hain’s eighth book, offers today’s leaders and aspiring leaders a practical collection of helpful advice and actionable ideas drawn from his thirty-plus years of senior leadership, coaching, and consulting experience to successfully navigate all areas of their lives.

Essential Wisdom is a must-have guidebook filled with insights, ideas, and best practices that all professionals should think about and do well in order to be more effective in their roles. Leaders and aspiring leaders of every age and any stage of their career journey will find practical nuggets of wisdom they can use to accelerate their success.


  • Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation is not something you can read and digest in one sitting.  Every section, every chapter, is to be taken in thoughtfully so it can be applied practically. Because what Randy Hain has put together here is as practical as it is truly essential. Give this book to those you care about who are or may one day be leaders. And keep a copy on your bedside table or in a handy place for your own regular boosts of incremental wisdom. This is a gem.

    Patrick LencioniNew York Times Bestselling Author and President, The Table Group

  • Essential Wisdom isn’t a book; it is the mentor we all need to keep us focused on what really matters in leadership. The advice is simple and direct. It is practical and compelling. Don’t just read this book; study this book, and you will not just become a better leader . . . you will become a better person. That is a promise!

    Chester Elton – The Apostle of Appreciation and New York Times Bestselling Author, Leading with Gratitude and Anxiety at Work

  • Randy Hain is one of the most authentic, optimistic, joyful, and giving people I know. Randy is a mentor and someone I turn to when I am seeking advice on career, family, and community issues. This book is for anyone who is seeking practical insights and wisdom in their everyday lives. I highly recommend Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation!

    Jo Ann Herold – Chief Marketing Officer, The Honey Baked Ham Company

  • In his new book, Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation, Randy Hain shares a practical guide for leaders to navigate through the complexities of today’s business environment in a thoughtful and practical manner that makes the reader reflect on ways to improve the way they connect and engage with people, how they build relationships and support their teams, and the importance of clear and concise communications. This guide helps leaders understand the fundamentals of leadership, the importance of being present, the mechanics of positively impacting others, and what leaders leave behind when it is all done. Randy’s strong experience as a business professional and executive coach, combined with his sincere, practical, and faith-based style, make his book a must-read for leaders in all industries and of all ages.

    Juan Perez – CIO, UPS

  • Randy Hain continues to inspire, and this time he has created a personal and professional masterpiece to help guide not only the career professional but also the working parent and the aspiring college student looking to start a career and wondering where and how to start. This book captures the essence of life leadership by highlighting the importance of character, authenticity, credibility, and maximizing efficiency in the workplace to allow for a more rewarding life. Randy’s passion as an executive coach comes shining through as he challenges readers to be their best selves.  

    Misty Brown – Southeastern Conference, Assistant Commissioner of Competition and Student-Athlete Engagement

  • The writer of Proverbs encourages us that “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding.” Randy Hain offers leaders in every stage of their career an opportunity to gain wisdom from his decades of experience. He has spent his entire career helping people succeed in their careers and in life and now he has bundled his advice and wisdom into one volume in his new book, Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation. Read this fantastic book to help you gain wisdom and then apply it to gain understanding.

    Dee Ann Turner – Bestselling Author, Bet on Talent and Crush Your Career, CEO, Dee Ann Turner & Associates

  • Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation is not just a book about wisdom and leadership. It’s a book about life, and how to approach it successfully. Leadership and life are about one thing: Relationships. Our relationship with ourselves as well as with others. There is so much valuable, concise, and practical wisdom in this book that you will want to carry it around with you all the time. I’ve known Randy Hain for decades, and it has been his personal mission to share as much of the wisdom that he has gained over his life as he can. He shares it willingly, with empathy, and with passion. This is a must-read.

    Ray V. Padrón – CEO, Brightworth Private Wealth

  • Chock-full of excellent advice,  Essential Wisdom is a masterful combination of practical guidance and tips that provide a roadmap to success and fulfillment. Randy Hain has remarkably condensed over two and a half decades of executive experience into one book designed to help you live your best life. Use this book as your GPS— to help you reach the destination you’ve always desired!

    Virginia Means – Chief People Officer, United Distributors, Inc.


A Proven Road Map for Today’s Job Seeker

LANDED!, Randy Hain’s fourth book, offers today’s job seekers proven strategies and practical ideas gleaned from his 25+ years of recruiting, executive search and senior leadership experience along with the candid insights of real candidates in transition, hiring managers and other experts in the workplace who also share their experiences and thoughts.

The result is a book filled with proven approaches to help job seekers of any age or experience level quickly get on the right path towards landing a new position. LANDED! is a combination of candor, practical ideas, proven strategies and insights gleaned from professionals who have seen all sides of a job search.

No matter where you are in your career or even if you have not yet joined the workforce, you will find tremendous value in LANDED! as you consider how to navigate to the next job on your journey.


  • We all lose our jobs, or our jobs lose us, and it is time to move on. Change is never easy but with ‘LANDED!’ in your hands your odds just got WAY better. Randy Hain has seen it all, and he can share with you all you need to know to find the next great career in your life. Read it, believe it, do it! You will have no regrets.

    Chester Elton - Author of the NY Times Best Sellers 'The Carrot Principle' and 'All In'

  • LANDED! is a ‘must read’ for those in transition … good for the job search, good for the soul! Randy Hain brings new life to a scary time … sharing his personal advice from years as a professional networker / recruiter and augmented with recommendations from expert interviews.LANDED! is a great mix of professional guidance, personal assessment and positive encouragement. Readers will find it refreshing and practical with a great blend of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ and heart felt motivation.

    Terry Trout - Vice President of Service Delivery for Cbeyond and member of Board of Directors for Women in Technology

  • LANDED! is a must read for both senior executives and recent graduates alike who want to take their career to the next level whether they are currently in a job or looking for the next one. Randy provides keen insights from his own experience while summarizing helpful ‘best practices’ from his vast network of experienced corporate leaders, HR professionals and entrepreneurs. Take great notes because LANDED! is full of tips that really work!

    Tim Tassopoulos - Executive Vice President of Operations for Chick-fil-A

  • I love this book! Anytime I can find a combination of inspiration and practical handles within the same read, I recognize it as a rare find. Throughout the pages of this short book, you will be touched and inspired by the authentic heart that so marks the life and pen of Randy Hain while at the same time, you will get doable practicalities for making a transition from yesterday’s job to tomorrow’s opportunity.

    Allan J. DeNiro - Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer, Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc.

  • I love this book! Another outstanding book! Randy Hain, in his accessible, pragmatic style, has written a well-organized guide to professional fulfillment. He grounds his counsel in a philosophical framework then offers nuts and bolts tools for the job search process –offering prescriptions on topics such as relationship building, networking, resume writing, interviewing and negotiating. He draws from his own well of wisdom then taps into the expertise of a broad range of insightful industry experts. The result is a valuable, thought provoking road map for achieving job search success.

    Terry R. Barber - CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer of Performance Inspired, Inc.

  • As a former 27 year corporate executive with a Fortune 50 company, I am the epitome of Randy Hain’s new book LANDED! It is more important than ever to be deliberate in managing your career path – no one else will. Randy offers practical and logical steps to achieving your next position, whether with another company or charting a path of your own – as I did. I wish I had this book a year ago!

    Pam Beckerman - Senior Director of Human Resources with Jabian

  • As a former 27 year corporate executive with a Fortune 50 company, I am the epitome of Randy Hain’s new book LANDED! It is more important than ever to be deliberate in managing your career path – no one else will. Randy offers practical and logical steps to achieving your next position, whether with another company or charting a path of your own – as I did. I wish I had this book a year ago!

    Timm Rader - Activus Sales Consulting

  • This method works! If you are starting a job search or looking to proactively manage your career; LANDED! is the best career management book out I have read in a long time.

    Mimi Vold - Vice President, Human Resources for Facet Technologies LLC

Something More

The Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life

Randy Hain’s third book offers a much needed guide to any business professional seeking more from life than work alone. Through his over two decades experience in interviewing and working with other business professionals, Hain captures the best of what he has learned and observed about how to pursue a life filled with meaning in this book. In addition, Hain has interviewed over a dozen professional men and women from around the country in the book who are actively pursuing their own lives filled with meaning. Their combined and eclectic experiences greatly enrich “Something More” and offer the reader an authentic guide filled with practical wisdom which will connect with almost any interested reader.

After exploring our motivations for the choices we make and the obstacles which get in the way, Hain addresses work/life balance, recalibrating our thinking, serving others, job satisfaction, using our gifts, authenticity, the role of crisis, courage and the role of faith from a broad and ecumenical perspective. This multi-faceted approach will help the reader embark on the path to a more meaningful life headed in the right direction and armed with the tools they need for the journey. The thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter will challenge the reader’s perceptions and encourage different thinking about the path of their lives.

“Something More” is ideal for any business person from new college graduate to retiree. The book is accessible, practical, authentic and filled with wisdom. Anyone seeking more out of life than simply their job will find the book helpful, engaging and inspirational.


  • Work without meaning and direction is drudgery and torture. Work with meaning and direction is a gift to you and to those you work with and for. Something More is the road map not to just a better job or career but to a more meaningful and purposeful life. If you are looking to be excited and engaged about your work at the office and at home, this is your guide. This book will change your life!

    Adrian Gostick, New York Times bestselling author and consultant on workplace engagement & culture
  • From one of the nation’s most respected job-search executives comes a profoundly moving and practical book, full of how-tos and interviews with real people struggling with life’s big question: how do I lead a happy and meaningful life? Getting it right is never easy, but this book certainly will give you a much greater chance of success.

    Chester Elton, New York Times bestselling author of The Carrot Principle and All In
  • Randy Hain embodies living an authentic life. He is a role model and mentor to me both personally and professionally. Something More: A Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life made me inspired by reading it. This book is packed with fascinating stories and is the quintessential guide for anyone seeking a more meaningful life.

    Jo Ann Herold, Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. Vice President of Communications & Public Relations and Vice Chairman of the Arby’s Foundation

Special Children, Blessed Fathers

Encouragement for fathers of children with special needs

This book is a treasure-trove of heart-warming stories, practical help, and inspiration for fathers of children with special needs. Author Randy Hain and all of the contributors open their hearts to the reader and share the incredible challenges they confront as fathers of children with special needs. They also unveil the unexpected blessings that come from fathering these special children. These heartfelt stories from fathers give both insight and tremendous inspirational encouragement for other fathers. Special Children, Blessed Fathers will open your eyes to the deeper beauty often missed in the world. Includes a foreword by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Contributing writers are Joseph Pearce, Greg Willits, Kevin Lowry, Doug Keck, Matthew Warner, J.D. Flynn, Chad Judice, David Rizzo, and Bill Jones.  ALL AUTHOR BOOK ROYALTIES WILL BE DONATED TO The National Catholic Partnership on Disability (

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