Do You Ever Think About the Mosaic of Your Life?

When we think of a mosaic, we usually think of tiles of glass or stone that have been formed into a beautiful image by the artist. I was reflecting recently about my dad and the wonderful “mosaic” he has created in his 81 years as a father, husband, friend and servant of his community. The “tiles” of his life are represented by the countless acts of kindness he has performed, the sacrifices he has always made for his family and the lifetime of service he has rendered his church and community. It is obvious to all who know him that selfless love and a generous spirit are at the heart of all these deeds. Like all of us, he has made mistakes along the way, but the mosaic of his life is something beautiful to reflect on and aspire to emulate. I think of the exemplary life of my dear departed mother in much the same way.

I would like to challenge all of us to thoughtfully consider what kind of life mosaic we will create today, this week, this year and over the course of our lives. Will it be a beautiful work of art or something we will be ashamed for others to see? The tiles of our mosaic are made up of the interactions we have with others, how we care for our families and loved ones, the relationships we build, the work we produce, the strength of our faith and the service we render to our community. The opportunities to make a difference and the decision points we have each day are almost endless. In these important moments, how will we show up? How will we act? Will the thought that we have the opportunity to create something special and beautiful cross our minds?

The quality of tiles we contribute to our own mosaics will be dramatically affected by the love, selflessness, generosity, kindness and gratitude we apply to their creation. My wish for all of us is that we use the imagery of the life mosaic to be more intentional and thoughtful about how we will show up and act today and every day. Fifty years from now I hope the picture we have assembled is beautiful, breathtaking and inspiring to others…and not something we stash in the basement like an unwanted Christmas gift.

When my dad reads this post, he will rightly say that he is not done creating the mosaic of his life and he is correct. He would also say to be patient and do the best you can every day to make progress towards a more meaningful life. I hope this artist who is my father will keep on inspiring me and the others who know him for years to come as he finishes his masterpiece. I hope to follow in his footsteps in some small way and inspire my children and future grandchildren to do the same.

What will the mosaic of your life look like some day?

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