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Serviam Partners founder Randy Hain was asked by the head of human resources for this global company to be the executive coach for the President of a $500 million division of the organization based in Phoenix, AZ.  He had been through a very trying period in 2014 where under extreme stress he had been verbally abusive with his leadership team and had lost their respect. He had an impeccable record prior to this incident and Serviam Partners was hired to help him get back on track.  After a series of difficult candid conversations in early 2015 which included 360 interview feedback and sharing the results of the Birkman Assessment, this leader is back on track and his division is performing at record levels.  He has been humble, transparent and rebuilt the relationships in his organization.  One interesting aspect of the coaching relationship with this leader is how he described Randy Hain of Serviam Partners as his “candor coach”.  He has observed, as have many of my clients, that receiving candid feedback from his peers and team is frustratingly rare.  The honest conversations forced him to confront his self-limiting behaviors and embrace strategies and practical help to achieve the progress he was seeking.

Based on senior leadership feedback, this leader is set up for success and on track to accomplish all of our stated goals within the six month executive coaching relationship.  The EVP of Operations and HR leadership team have also requested executive coaching for other leaders in the organization from Serviam Partners.

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